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Where to start

It is tempting to aim for a big bang. However, the profound impact of marketing automation on your entire organisation – from IT to purchasing and customer service to sales and marketing – asks for an evolutionary roll-out. That is why we at DMI strongly believe in a lean, step-by-step approach.

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Automating marketing

The ultimate goal? To connect with many but engage individuals! This is successfully achieved by collecting up-to-date data from all sources and using Artificial Intelligence to transform this into individual interactions.

In a not-so-distant future, AI will be able to interpret and act upon unstructured data. Meanwhile, combining structured data from all consumer-facing sources is used to build score cards and customer segments. Basing your communication on scoring values while hyper-personalizing content puts you way ahead of the competition!

Training & education

New people in your team? Want to bring your team to a higher level? Want them to master an advanced feature of your marketing automation tool, need to organise a basic training or just a brush up of their skills?

DMI provides personalised training programs fitting your specific needs on your own software instance, ensuring the best results.

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Technology Partner

More than 5000 software vendors claim to be in the ‘Marketing Automation’ business. Marketing automation tools are as diverse as means of transportation, from bikes to cars, from airplanes to star destroyers. Likewise, distinct types of marketing automation tools can be differentiated: e-mail automation, lead automation and engagement automation. DMI is your guide!



DMI connects your Marketing Automation tool with your CRM, back-office, data warehouse, DMP, website, ERP, webshop, Customer service software, PIM, DAM, social media, custom systems & apps. Make all your relevant data available at a glance for marketing use and share marketing results and insights with your sales and every other department.


Extra hands & outsourcing

It is not easy to right-source your marketing department. Our flexible, fully-trained developers and consultants can easily fill the gaps due to vacancies, holidays, absences or seasonal peaks.

Prefer to outsource instead? We take care of all your campaigns, from building to execution and reporting.

Joz, Sales of DMI

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Joz, Sales of DMI